#WYAMPLIFY is a Youth-Led Coalition For Youth, By Youth

#WYAMPLIFY believes all youth deserve a space to feel connected, supported, and empowered to lead happy and healthy lives. We seek to develop young leaders, empower them to build relationships in their local communities, and give them the opportunity to use their creativity and insights to encourage other youth to embrace positive, healthy lives.

Our goal is to build a statewide youth coalition that draws support from the Governor, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, law enforcement officers, prevention programs, schools, youth-serving programs, student councils, mayors, school counselors, coaches, pastors, youth pastors, and others.

#WYAMPLIFY Campaign youth coalitions would be encouraged to create videos, music, photos, posters, billboards, radio spots, and other communications that would be broadcast across the state through traditional media and social media outlets. Other activities include:

  • Students would be given the chance to work with local media professionals and branding and marketing specialists to learn valuable skills that would teach them valuable skills and allow them to enhance the quality of the videos, social media, posters, radio spots, and other communications.
  • Students would be trained in how to create press releases and how to lead a press conference.
  • Youth coalitions would be encouraged to conduct Town Hall Meetings at their local City Council and County Commissioner meetings to share the messaging and materials they have created.
  • Top presenters would be invited to a special Town Hall meeting at the State Capitol for state legislators prior to the annual Legislative Session.
  • Students in the youth coalition would be encouraged to write positive notes to classmates that affirm their self-worth to themselves and to the school community.
  • Students would be encouraged to lead volunteer service projects to help others in the community.
  • Working with the DARE program or with local prevention groups, students would be encouraged to plan an all-school assembly to share their messages with the greater community.
  • They would also be encouraged to partner with local sports organizations, military recruiters, and others to bring a climbing wall to the school, or to set up obstacle courses, bike rides, hikes, mountain biking and other healthy activities.