Why is it important to educate the community about marijuana use?

  • Marijuana is addictive and remains a Schedule One drug—dangerous and illegal under federal law.
  • Marijuana has changed dramatically over the past thirty years, with considerably more potency due to higher concentration (up to 28 times) of the THC substance. Furthermore, it now comes in different forms, including edibles, which can deceive people, especially young people.
  • Marijuana use impacts young people/teens to a considerably greater degree, since it can cause cognitive development issues in a young person’s brain. More specifically, it can cause reduced attention, memory and learning functions.
  • Marijuana use can impair driving and reinforce poor decision-making. It causes serious impairment of motor skills, judgment and perception

What is the current rate of marijuana use in Wyoming?

The clear majority of people in Wyoming don’t use marijuana. Use of marijuana the past month and the past year are both below the national average. Wyoming has one of the lowest youth usage rates in the nation.

  • In the 12-17 age category, Colorado ranks #1 in the nation. Wyoming ranks 28th.
  • This breaks down as follows:
    • Use by Colorado youth 12-17: 11.13%
    • National average for youth 12-17: 7.2%
    • Wyoming average for youth 12-17: 6.59%
    • Colorado is 55% higher than the national average
  • In the 18-25 age category (teenagers, college students, young married people), Colorado is 61% higher than the national average and 103% higher than Wyoming (43rd ranking).
    • This is a staggering difference, and even more remarkable given the fact that Wyoming is virtually surrounded by legalized states.
  • Where marijuana has been legalized, either for “medical” purposes or recreational use, the rates of use by young people have skyrocketed.
    • The top 16 states for highest marijuana use among 12-17 year olds have legalized marijuana in some form.
  • 19 of the top 22 states for highest marijuana use among 18-25 year olds have legalized marijuana in some form.